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Subject: Where is our unity,solidarity and hikma
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searak 14.08.12 - 10:16pm
alot of muslims world wide are maltreating,suffering b/c of terrorism.palestinians are confisicated there own land. *

irz 26.09.12 - 01:33pm
Its only the cause of muslims. The greedy arab countries who think they are the sole bearers of islam. If they give up their wealth they can halve global poverty.they are not following the teachings of our Nabi (SAW). They sign peace treaties with israel but they supply arms to kill fellow muslims in syria and libya. Where's the islam in that? We need a true leader in the arab world. The notion of these arab countries is that they want all muslims to obey them, and follow their ways. If u don't, then u are the enemy. Yet they befriend jews and christians. Close the oil taps and show the world true islam. *

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